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In 1984, a young San Diego Police Officer uncovered a dark scandal involving a young prostitute named Donna Marie Gentile.

Now, over 35 years later, he's ready to reveal who killed her and why.

Discover all the dirty gritty details of her murder; plus why over 40 other women were murdered and how their deaths are related.

"You can't put this down, and the reveal is more shocking than anything you could imagine."

Donna Marie Gentile was an informant for the San Diego Police Department. Larry Avrech, who was a young officer at the time, stumbled across Donna and the information about her ‘sugar daddy’ within the department. Recognizing the telltale signs of possible corruption, he befriended the prostitute to dig deeper.

It would turn out to be the biggest mistake of his career.

Eight months later, Avrech was terminated. His police brothers had chosen to believe a “prostitute over a trusted officer because it fit the specific needs of the department at that particular time”.

His integrity cost everything dear to him—his career, his home, and later his children. After his termination, the vindictive department continued to threaten him; doing everything they could to preserve their coverup and destroy Larry.

Only six weeks after Donna testified against Avrech, her lifeless nude body turned up making Larry an instant murder suspect. In a twist of fate, Avrech got a call from a high-ranking Deputy District Attorney who said he could prove Larry was set up.

But the question remained, “Who Killed Donna Marie Gentile?” Larry would work tirelessly for the next seven years to uncover a serial murder and eventually reveal the details in this comprehensive book about what happened behind the sensational headlines.

by Larry S. Avrech

Who Killed

The Real Story

Donna Gentile?

"I look at the cover and it makes me think Donna has been waiting for the truth to come out and her murderer exposed.  With this book, it looks like she's about to get her wish."

-Jeffery K Bambara, FL





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Larry S. Avrech

Larry Avrech is a former San Diego Police Officer and a successful private investigator. During his vast law career, he has been instrumental in solving some of Southern California’s most prominent criminal cases.

Larry is passionate about divulging corruption no matter the cost. His tenacious and uncompromising efforts have helped to solve serial murders, narcotics, counterterrorism, and departmental conspiracies.

As an author, Larry releases the unbridled truth about his own department’s coverup and the subsequent murder of a prostitute named Donna Marie Gentile.

Using the information that only an insider could obtain, Larry presents never-before-seen documents and information in his new book:

Who Killed Donna Gentile: The Real Story

International Author and Speaker

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"The last great police corruption book, Serpico. This is the west coast version. The death of a street worker leads to corruption, coverup and the attempt to ruin a good officer's life. A great read and yes, the truth San Diego doesn't want you the taxpayer to know. The author, Larry Avrech is the wrongfully accused officer. In the style of Joseph Wambaugh, Larry takes you back into time and into each tense situation."

Ron Carpenter

Retired Air Traffic Controller

"I look at the cover and it makes me think Donna has been waiting for the truth to come out and her murderer exposed. With this book, it looks like she's about to get her wish."

Jeffery K. Bambara, FL

"When I first met Larry Avrech in the summer of 1985, he had been fired from SDPD due in part to testimony of a prostitute. When her body was discovered in East San Diego County, media speculation projected him as a suspect in her death, even when other prostitutes’ bodies were dropped in East San Diego County. Avrech steadfastly maintained his innocence, while losing his job, his wife. As the cloud of suspicion hung over his head, Avrech quietly went to work to exonerate himself while exposing police corruption in sunny San Diego's police department. This book is Avrech's vindication."                      

-J. Stryker Meyer, Police Reporter/Editor/Author

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